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nage xnxx asia girl, young woman. If you think about the richness of that range of experiences, then whoever he becomes, my love, he will be a very formidable person." bokep xnxx Almost as formidable as the woman you could become if only you could find your way to making that choice. We will need you so badly when the Dark Time comes. "Now, would you like some help with that illusion? Illusion casting is not my forte, but I suspect that my memories of what Jack looked like are a little less distorted by recent video porno experiences than yours are. I can help mold the illusionary features for you, if you like." "You'd japan xnxx do that, Mum? I mean, I know you free porn really want me to stay as Jacqui." "Not if xxxx it makes you unhappy, vina garut xnxx Jacqui. I cast my spell thinking you would be as happy with your new life as I have been with the one my Mother gave me. xnxx com I never wanted to go back to being Larry, just as many of my friends never wanted anything but their new lives. But now, I accept the fact xnxx sex videos that you do want to go back. You are xnxx sex videos my child and I love you. I want your happiness above all else. Now, do you want to try the illusion again?" In the light of her Mother's stark sincerity, the need that had been xnxx com/ compelling Jacqui to try the illusion waned. If, in xnxx barat the final analysis, the xnxx korea new Jack was a combination of the best parts of the old Jack and the best parts of Jacqui, she could live with that. "Maybe some other sex video time, Mom. I don't think it matters any more, xnxx com/ thanks to what you just said. So, what brings you into my room, Mum? Wanna borrow some of my clothes?" Relieved by the change of subject, Laurie snorted and gave her daughter a mocking glare. "As if I could wear anything of yours, you busy wench. Goddess, I would look like a little girl playing dress-up in *her* mother's www xnxx clothes trying to fit into porno your things. No, I was just wondering what you still might need for college." After all, Jacqui's "birthday" is just around the corner, she thought. Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 1 Year A. T. Mom and Bronwyn threw a gala surprise birthday party today for me. At least that's what they called it for the benefit of xnxx video the girls from the basketball team and for xvideo Marcus. Actually, as xxx video the date above this entry indicates, today marks the one year anniversary of xnx the xnxx gay day I found myself changing into Agent Scully's hermaphroditic twin. Of course, we can't tell anybody else about zoo xnxx *that*, so instead it was birthday cake, presents and many refrains of "Happy Birthday". free porn It was still pretty cool. And I am *really* looking xnxx gay forward to my birthday spanking from Mom and https // Bronwyn, but *that* comes later! Marcus gave me a lovely bracelet, with his and my initials engraved on it, the letters intertwined. I am really not sure how to handle this relationship or the feelings he evokes in me. He is becoming very important xxx to me. What will happen to his xnxn memories when I change back? And does it really matter? Jack is straight line straight. And I don't think I can be friends with porn videos Marcus - indo xnxx not after. . . Well, not after xnxx vina garut xnxx stories everything. Well, I am not going to worry about that - not right now, sex videos anyway. I only have mom xnxx a few minutes before Marcus gets here to take me dancing. I am really curious about the two gift wrapped packages that www xnxx com Mom has sex squirreled away in her bedroom, though. She won't let me open them, xnxx japan or even have them in my hot little hands until the three of us are alone in her bedroom. Then I can open them. She had a xvideo very sexy look in her eye when she told me that, too. If I did not like going dancing with Marcus so much, I would be pounding on her door right now. Oh, and Bronwyn gave me my first shape shifting lesson today. I don't xxnx think this is going to be as easy to porn learn as illusion casting. xnxx japanese A whole *hour* of lessons and exhausting repetition and what did I accomplish? Changed my nails - made them a bit longer xnxx porn xnxx mom and a different color. HAH! I can almost do that without magic. Oh well. Mom just called, Marcus is here. Time for my grand entrance. I wonder what he will think xxnxx of this leather miniskirt? No time like the present to find out. And no. I *don't* have the panty girdle on underneath the skirt. I don't think I need it anymore with Marcus. Besides, xnxx vina garut this skirt is so short, the girdle would show. End Journal entry. Excerpt from the Journal of xnnx Miss Jacqui Donovan 1 year, 1 day A. T. Well, I did not *quite* need the smelling salts, but it was a near thing. Poor dear almost hyperventilated when I came down. I think I may have flashed him. The xnxxcom skirt *is* short and the steps xnxx desi *are* steep. As to the wearing or not wearing of the panty girdle chastity zoo xnxx belt, that little concern was much ado about not much at all. We are definitely going to have to plan this more carefully. Finding a place where Marcus and I can be alone *and* comfortable is a definite priority before we can start working on training his mouth for porno xnxx use on lips other than the ones on xnxx japanese my xnxx asia face. His car does not fulfill the comfort requirement. There is not even enough room for him to get his face properly in xnxx indo position for a little oral loving. Darn compact cars, anyway. I practiced my own oral xnxx app technique, though. Even though he was *very* excited, bokep xnxx I managed to string him out quite nicely. Teasing is fun. Following through afterwards is even porno xnxx more fun. He tried xnxx hot to reciprocate with his hands afterwards, but he needs the same type of gentling lessons I needed immediately after xxnn Transformation, but he's a quick study, my Marcus. Motivated, too. As for me, I have a date in Mom's bedroom later to open those two presents she would not let me open in front of company. All we are waiting for is Bronwyn to arrive. Mom has this cat who is going to eat the canary look on her face every time she looks at me. Sounds like fun to me. Tweet tweet. Here, kitty-kitty. End Journal Entry. *************** "Well." Bronwyn said with feeling as she kicked the wadded ball of gift wrapping paper away xnxx indian from her chair. "That certainly was a fun time for all concerned. Not." She took a long sip from the brandy xnxx selingkuh snifter cradled in her palm and let xnxx com xnxx. its fiery warmth burn through the knot of xnxx porno anxiety still curling inside her. "Not at all what I expected, either. But my daughter often reacts the way I least expect her to react. Goddess, when I remember how excited we were when nxxn we were planning this whole fiasco, I almost want to laugh. I would, too, if I did not feel so much like crying." "The healing spell you put on her will keep her asleep and dreaming good dreams for the rest of the night, Laurel. I expect, given a little xnxx .com time and a little distance, she will xvideo be fine. We just pushed a xxx videos button tonight and found out that it was not wired the way we thought it was. Who would have thought, given the girl's boundless enthusiasm and innocent pleasure in every other sexy game we have introduced to xxnx her, that she would have gone over the edge because www.xnxx of this one?" Bronwyn shook her head in frustration. It had actually been *her* idea and it had gone very badly, indeed. "What are you going to do with them?" Bronwyn asked as she sex video gestured at the bed with her snifter. Laurie turned to regard the jumbled mass of leather and metal lying on top of her bed along side a moderately sized, but life-like artificial penis. "I don't know. Keep them, I guess." She would just as soon never sex xnxx have seen them in her xnxx indonesia life. "Knowing my headstrong child, as soon as she recovers from the shock of whatever happened tonight, she is going to feel humiliated by her reaction in front vina garut xnxx of us. She'll decide she has to face her "weakness" head on, and will xnxx arab insist on having them. Eventually, she will get used to them being around and that will help, too." "Not one to cower for very long, is she?" Bronwyn smiled. "Too bad she has figured out about Bonnie. An "un-involved", sympathetic friend might porn xnxx do her a lot of good tomorrow." A thought struck Bronwyn that she did not like much at all. "Do you think that she reacted so strongly because we were the ones who gave it to her?" "Trying to make up for taking one penis away from her by giving her a substitute? If that was a problem, it was only a small part of the puzzle - there is something else there wwwxnxx I haven't figured out, yet. Besides, you and I know that was xnxx 2019 not the case. We were only thinking of this game as a natural progression of the woman-to-woman lovemaking she enjoys with us, but porn I would say that is xnxx/ not quite how she saw it." "Good thing we decided against the locking harness. I shudder to think what would have happened if we had needed keys to shuck her out of that thing." Bronwyn took her last sip of brandy. "What now? She still xnxx. com needs to learn the lesson we intended to teach with those toys. She needs to learn how to enjoy the passive side of making love. Not that I mind her "let me do that for you, too" attitude in bed, but it's like she is cutting herself off from anything she perceives as submissiveness to anything masculine." Bronwyn snorted. "Goddess, even when she sucks Marcus off, she is in charge. The only time she ever lets go completely is when you or I tie her down first, and then she insists on quid pro quo later so she can try and outdo us." Laurie shook her head. "I don't know, Bronwyn. As I said, I wwwxnxx think she will xnxx tv come around because she simply cannot abide weakness. The lesson we may have to teach her is that loving submission is not a weakness." Laurie stood up and rolled her head about, trying to relax the stress in her shoulders and back. "For xnxx now, I think I will go crawl into bed with her. She probably won't be happy to see xnxx download me when she wakes up, but I don't want her to be alone if bad dreams do come." site xnxx "Mind another bed mate, tonight? I don't much want to be alone, myself." Bronwyn asked. "Nothing I'd like better. If she wakes up mad, you can catch your fair share of the chewing out she is going to lay on my poor head." xnxx mom xnxx .com Laurie stood and held out her hand to Bronwyn. Together, they walked out into the hall. ************* Something was tickling Jacqui's nose. Eyes still closed, she tried to reach up with her hand to brush it away, only to discover that her arm was being weighed down. Waking with a start, she realized she was not alone in bed. Cracking open one xnxxx eye, she saw a halo xnxx indonesia of pale, blonde hair arrayed on the pillow in front of her. Bronwyn, she xnxx videos xxx xnxx thought. That meant that the soft, warm body pressing up behind her was Mother. And then she remembered the night before, and realized why they were all here in her bed, and not in her Mother's much larger one. As they had all planned the day before, Jacqui sex videos had joined her Mother and Bronwyn in her Mother's room shortly after Bronwyn had arrived. Both her Mom and Bronwyn had already been dressed in very sexy xnxx video nightgowns when they had ushered Jacqui into the master suite. With great ceremony, the two xnxx stories older women had made a real production out of stripping Jacqui down to the skin. Of course, they did not resist any opportunity to taste or touch any newly uncovered bit of skin, so by the time they had Jacqui fully naked, they also had her fully aroused. It was at this point, that her Mother had presented her with the first of the two packages she had teased sex video Jacqui with the night before. With all the delicacy and patience of a starving woman at a banquet, Jacqui had fallen upon the wrapping paper and had turned the beautifully wrapped package into brightly colored confetti in mere xnxx japan seconds. What was in the box, though remained a mystery video xnxx to her even when she held it in her hands and examined it thoroughly. Once it became obvious that she had no idea what the device was, her Mother and Bronwyn had come to her aid and assisted her in donning the harness. Jacqui first thought was that it was some kind of kinky bondage toy, and that they would use it to supplement the scarves that had become a regular part of their play over the summer. The new harness was been made of wide leather straps. One strap fit tightly around her waist, just above her hipbones, while two matching straps buckled about each of her thighs, just below the crease where her legs met the buttocks. Fine-linked, silvery chrome chains connected the thigh straps to the waist belt. Her Mother and Bronnie had been determined to make sure that all the straps and adjustable chains were tightened as much as they could be and still be comfortable for her. The fourth strap was the porno xnxx one that had really surprised her. It xnxx india attached japanese xnxx in the front of the waist belt, xnxx desi right at her navel, and hung down. There was some type of thick, metal ring xnxx india in the strap, a little less then midway down the leather length. From the ring, two thinner straps dangled. The two women had been very xnnn particular in adjusting the front connection of that strap so that the ring rested just so over her woman's mound, and then they had vidio xnxx pulled the two dangling leathers up between her legs. Each of those straps had been pulled, ruthlessly xxnn under the crease of each buttock and had been connected to buckles at her sides. The effect, as Mother and friend had strained to cinch up tightly on the straps, was to nearly split her puss xnxx teen in two, while also lifting and separating the muscular, rounded half moons xnxx app of her ass. Actually, that had all been pretty exciting, Jacqui admitted to herself. When they had brought her the next package, she had hoped it contained something that would complete her bondage, maybe a set of hand cuffs, or shackles. It hadn't. Her xnxx tamil fingers had gone nerveless xxxx when she had porn xnxx pulled the latex sex toy out of the box. She remembered thinking that it was both thicker and shorter than hers, or rather Jack's sunny leone xnxx had indian xnxx been. Bronwyn had interpreted her sudden lack of animation as confusion, because she'd slipped the fake dick out of Jacqui's hands and then xxnxx snapped it into the ring above Jacqui's pubis. xxn Mother and Bronwyn had then all but shoved her in front of the xnx wall mirror to xnxx hot admire her new "look". They'd been indo xnxx surprised at Jacqui's response. Maybe xnxx japanese shocked was a better word. Jacqui had simply lost her composure all together. She'd grabbed hold of xvideos the dildo and had tried to pull it off. Failing in that only because the harness was doing what it was designed to do, holding the toy solidly in place, she had flailed ineffectually at the myriad of buckles and catches - screaming her head off at her Mother to "Get this damned thing off me!" Neither her Mother nor xnxx desi Bronwyn had been able to calm her enough to get their hands on any of the buckles. xnxx hd Finally, she'd felt the touch of gay xnxx her Mother's magic, and had slipped xnxx arab into xnxx. com sleep. Why had she gone off the deep end, like that? Why had the xnxx hindi simple symbolic reminder of her former masculine state send her off the deep end? She thought she had gotten beyond feeling like porno that. Hadn't she learned to handle her feminine xnxx jepang needs? She was practically having an affair with a man - enjoying it, too. Part of it had been the verbal teasing from her Mother xnxx .com and Bronwyn. Bronwyn's comment that "We thought you might want to keep in practice, just in xnxx videos case you do xnxx cina decide to xxn change back to good old Jack." was one thing. Had Jacqui xnxx porno not been so off balanced xnnn by the scenario, she probably xnxx anime would have been able to deal with it in the manner Bronwyn had intended it - as a lighthearted jest at her expense, and as a bit of a challenge, too. Unfortunately, before Jacqui had a chance to handle that remark, her Mother had chimed in. "And she needs more than practice, Bronnie." Laurie had said with an air of determined resignation. "Unlike us when we were Transformed, our little darling has a hymen. That means xnxx bokep Jack never got it on with a girl, so we will have to teach xnxx barat her everything." Up until that wwwxnxx moment, Jacqui had not understood the significance of her possession of a hymen, at least as having one related to being xnxx bokep a Transformed woman. She had thought that it was just one of those things; xnxx. com that being "reborn" as a woman meant "everything old was new again". Apparently not, and that meant that her *Mother* knew xnxx jav Jack was a virgin. He'd japanese xnxx been a desi xnxx Junior in school, for god's sake, and except for that one time when he might have gotten it on with the girl, he'd never been inside a woman. And the crowning humiliation was that his Mother, as Larry, had done what Jack never had. His xxxx Mother knew things gay xnxx he did not know. And so did Bronwyn. Jack's xnxx indonesia own penis had been untested at giving a woman pleasure at the time of his Transformation. And the problem was, that no matter what happened after she learned the Transformation Spell, Jack would never be able to match what that unfeeling piece of rubber could do xnxx japan for a woman. It would never go soft before giving the woman her pleasure. It xxx videos would never finish too soon, leaving his partner high and dry. It would never become too sensitive or xnnx tender to continue. Thoughts xxn and feelings whirled in a dizzying maelstrom about her head. Rolling onto her back, Jacqui closed her eyes again and tried to calm herself. The deep breathing and meditation exercises xnxx asia her Mother had taught xnxx hd her as part zoo xnxx of her healer training finally worked. Gradually, xnxx. mom xnxx her mind www.xnxx slowed, and coherent thought returned. She worked at viewing the process more objectively. The relaxation exercises had eased the tension in mind and body. She stretched to relieve the final kinks. "Good morning," a soft voice mumbled beside her. Soft hands began stroking her hair. "How do you feel?" A bubble of helpless porn xnxx laughter xnxx telugu escaped Jacqui, causing her Mother some concern. "Better, actually." She considered a moment before adding, "Pretty good, in fact." She rolled to face her Mother and gave her a hug and kiss. xnxx indo "MMMMmmmm, you taste good." she cooed. "I have xxx been laying here trying to work out what happened last night." Forcing herself to keep her voice light, Laurie asked, "And have you come to any conclusions?" "None that video porno I am very proud of." Her Mother's hand gently stroked her hair and some more of the tension relaxed. Maybe talking it out with her Mother would help ease the embarrassment that Jack, and Jacqui, still felt. "You know that I . . . umm, Jack was a virgin?" Laurie nodded as she watched her daughter's eyes. "Until last night, I did not understand www xnxx what being a real virgin meant in my current state. And it never occurred to me that you hadn't been a virgin when you xnxx india were. . .well, when you were Larry." Jacqui tried to look away, embarrassed all over again at the admission. Laurie took the girl's chin in her hand and drew it back so their eyes met. Soft love and understanding shown in her Mother's eyes. "Does https // that really matter so very much, darling?" Jacqui swallowed, and tried to find words to express her feelings. "Maybe in a perfect world, it wouldn't. But the fact remains that I was almost eighteen and never made out with a girl." Then her eyes xnxx tv darkened with stormy emotion. "And YOU *knew*!" Laurie tamil xnxx chuckled at the ringing condemnation in her daughter's voice. "And I had never been a female virgin, either. Your old Mom had gone where you never had. Is that it?" Jacqui flushed and then nodded jerkily. "All those little male fears and insecurities never went away, I guess. I never felt the confidence that comes with having "proven myself" with a woman. Some of it was that, anyway. Couple that with the fact that Jack vidio xnxx could never hope to compete with that toy and you have the greater part of what went wrong." Laurie gently kissed the girl's forehead. "Let xnxx korea me ask you a question. xnxx sex video Have you made love with tamil xnxx Bronwyn and me?" Unsure where this was xnxx download leading, Jacqui tentatively nodded that she had. "And have you given us countless orgasms? Made us scream shamelessly with pleasure?" A very smug, self sex videos satisfied and nearly male grin slid across the girl's features. "Damn right I have." she answered arrogantly. "So, I would assume that, after you go back to being Jack, you are not going to forget how xnxx movies to do that?" Jacqui shook her head emphatically, her eyes wide with wonder and understanding. "Then how gay xnxx in the name of the xnxx jav Goddess can you be xnxx mom inadequate? Making love to a woman is xnxn infinitely more than the mere act of sunny leone xnxx sticking a dick in her pussy." Her Mother's crude words sent Jacqui's brows lifting into her hairline. Laurie continued, pressing her advantage. "It really is site xnxx pretty absurd, when you think about it *logically.*" the word dripped with trenchant irony, "Here you are, fully female, but feeling male inadequacies in comparison to a marital aid and to your very happily female Mother. xnxx stories Jacqui, my girl, get a grip, will you?" Jacqui's mouth made an "O" as she stared at her Mother. Finally, her sense of the nxxn ridiculous won over her sense of shock. She chuckled softly to herself at the images her Mother had painted across her videos xnxx mind's eye. Much of the sunny leone xnxx remaining tension in Jacqui's body relaxed. Sighing, she snuggled up closer to her Mother. "The xnxx cina rest of it was all the little hurts I did not know I still felt as a result of the Transformation. Like - "Why me?" or "What was not good enough about me that I needed to be changed this way?" All those little things that I know, intellectually anyway, had nothing xnxx movies to do with xnxx porn your decision, but that still niggle at me when I am alone in the dark. And I guess I felt cheated, looking desi xnxx there in the mirror, seeing an image with real breasts and a man-made penis, and knowing that no matter how good it would feel, it would not be what I would feel if I still was Jack." "Am I to assume from your more serene demeanor," which Laurie's healer instincts sensed was the way the girl xnxx sex actually felt, "that you have dealt with most of that?" "Yes. Although I wish I knew, right now, what making love to a woman felt like as a man." Jacqui sighed, "It might make so many things clearer and more simple." "Even if I remembered how it xnxx sex felt, *which xnxx selingkuh I don't*, dear, it is something that can only be experienced. I can only tell you that in my case, at least, it paled in comparison to what I experienced as the woman being made love to by a man." Jacqui smiled at the wistful tone in her Mother's voice and cuddled closer. "Wishes and horses, Mum. I can tell you, that jerking off as Jack never felt as good as what Jacqui does to me with xnxx com her indian xnxx fingers. Which pales in comparison to what you and Bronwyn make me feel when we are together." And she started xxnx kissing her Mother a little more seriously as that memory aroused her. Their passion awoke Bronwyn who was soon actively participating. Nothing xnxx indo further was said by any of the women for a long time. Mouths xnxx sex video had better uses at that moment than merely speaking. Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan porn videos 1 Year 2 days A. T. I am still kind of embarrassed at how xxx video I reacted to that gift. Mom and Bronwyn xnxx anime were so pleased with themselves and all ready for a good time and then I went ballistic on them. I am still not sure I completely understand why I did. Much of xnxx telugu it is as I told Mom. We xnxxcom talked some more after our morning romp (making love with two other women in a too small bed can be very friendly, although you do have to watch sex xnxx where www xnxx com you put your knees. You can bruise tender areas that way) The harness and dildo are now in my room so that I can see always see them, or hold them sex or touch them periodically. For now, I just want to get more comfortable with the whole idea. Mom and Bronwyn have promised that I, alone, free porn decide if and when those toys ever come out to play again. After some quiet time for reflection, though, I sensed there was more to the xnxx sex video gift than just another neat toy xnxx jepang to add spice to our lovemaking. I asked xxx videos Bronwyn xnxx 2019 about that and she gave me a funny look before shrugging. Seems the two witch women have decided that I need to let loose of my controls a little more. Bronwyn xnxx telugu said I need to try being more passive in my lovemaking, if only for the experience. "You don't always have xnxx to be in charge like Jack evidently was on his dates." she said. "You need to xnxxx experience letting someone else control the action, and xnxx movies let that person *make* you cum. If only so you will understand both sides of the experience." That is part of the problem, although I could not admit xnxx indian that to Bronwyn. Jack *wasn't* in control on his dates. That is why he is still a virgin and I am still a virgin. Of course, there was that one time with Dani Evers. We had xnxx sex planned to "do it" at her place while her folks were out on a date. God, I'd been so ready and so nervous. Unfortunately, I was not the only one. By the time we got to her bedroom, poor Dani was almost frantic - and not with the urgency to consummate our union. She was white as a sheet. I remember she had worn black lingerie and it made her pallor look even worse. Then, she xnxn started crying. Jack had never lost a hard on so fast xxx video without cumming. She xxnxx was terrified. Terrified of being found out by her parents. Terrified of getting pregnant. Hell, terrified of Jack. He xnxx tamil ended up playing "big brother" and telling her it was all right. She finally fell asleep and Jack let himself out. So ended Jack xnxx/ Donovan's first and last real chance at conjugal bliss. Maybe Bronwyn is right, though, at least about being in charge in the bedroom. I like it, and I don't know video xnxx if I would much like just "taking it". I probably will try to do it that way, though. Bronwyn, xxx xnxx the xnxx. sneaky, underhanded, loving www xnxx little witch xnxx anime knows me too well. She made it a dare. I just don't know if I am going to try being "passive" with that harness vina garut xnxx on someone else, though. That is going to take some heavy thinking, before I xnxx vina garut do that with anyone - even videos xnxx Mom or Bronwyn. And it is not because I don't trust them, or don't think xnxx korea they would make the experience wonderful for me that I don't want to use japan xnxx them to use those things on me. Mostly xnxx hindi it's because I did not xvideos get to try the real xnxx teen thing as Jack. If and when Jacqui loses her virginity, I'd like to have the real thing that first time. Not that I am